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About Us

Hackers Advantage is an online gaming community created by me, KozmoK, dedicated to ensuring that you always have an in-game advantage over other players. I alter no game files or game code. My hacks read your computer’s memory, and displays what’s called ESP (extrasensory perception)graphics on the same screen. Anti-cheats have a hard time catching my hacks because I use a basic no frills type of code that makes my hacks last a long time undetected!

I have been running this website since 2008, and we honestly (not just saying this!) have the LOWEST detection record of any site.

Running a gaming cheat site requires a LOT of maintenance and updates. Depending on the game and developer, games update their multiplayer content monthly or bi-monthly. This requires me to re-find sections in the memory to get your advantage working again! You’re much better off subscribing to our service rather than risking your game key/GUID/multiplayer account with public cheats which will get you banned in 2-3 days after use. Even after those other cheats have been updated for the newest patch it’s not worth the risk because they will be detected almost immediately again. Simply put, DO NOT RISK IT!

Why do I do this? Is it immoral? Am I Scum? Maybe. To be brutally honest, I can't keep up with all the other hackers out there in PC multiplayer land, so I need a slight advantage. We slow down as we get older and don’t have the reflexes we once had. And there’s nothing more infuriating than getting killed 3 times in a row by a taunting 13-year-old.

My game cheats have dozens of options and are fully customizable to your liking. This does not mean however that you should use them all. You need to play (while cheating) like someone’s always spectating you. Don't pre-fire at anyone around corners, this makes it obvious. They may not be able to detect my cheats/hacks running - but they can watch and replay demos of you wall hacking. Tracing enemies behind walls and objects when you couldn’t possibly know they were there. Use common sense. If the aimbot has Smooth Aim, USE IT! Never disable it if you do not want to get detected. Also, pick Random Bone location for your aimbot. There nothing more obvious than a NOOB setting it to head only and getting 50-100 head shots in a row. This is a dead giveaway. Once again, use common sense! In the past it used to be who that had the best RAGE hack/cheat was the top boss. Well, things change. Nowadays anti-cheat/anti-stats based companies decided it’s easier to ban based on attaining insane humanly impossible stats. That’s why my hacks/cheats are the best. I adjusted to this shift in detection and have made my hacks to keep you flying under the radar. You will not regret joining our friendly community.

I hope you enjoy our service and become long term friends! Welcome to Hackers Advantage.