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Pre-Sale Questions FAQ

Everything you need to know to get started owning noobs!

Q Can I buy it today?
A Yes. Goto the top of the forum where it says Buy ViP!!

Q How long do I have to wait to use the cheat after ordering?
A You get it instantly. (5-7 minutes for it to update)

Q Is it fully configurable?
A Yes. There is an in-game menu and has all of the features Needed to rage..
Hit the DELETE key to bring up the in-game Hack menu.
You can fully customize the hack according to your play style, to look legit or to full rage and anywhere in between.

Q Can I use a proxy with the hack?
A We DONT support a proxy.

Q Is it compatible with Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit?/Windows 10
A Yes. I am using Windows 10 64-bit and it runs great. - Some hacks do not support windows 10 yet....so please check
Always look for the stickies on how to turn off certain features of the new operating systems so the cheat will work.

Q Will my payments auto-renew?
A No. Subscriptions will NOT renew automatically. Since the subscription is not reoccurring you will need to repurchase the subscription when your old subscription ends.

Q Is the cheat undetected?
A all cheats are undetected if they are purchasable. When and if a hack is detected, we will remove it from being purchased so you wont get screwed!

Q Do the hacks block any other anti-cheat programs besides VAC and PB?
A Kozmok does not support league or any other anti-cheat programs. PB and VAC are the only ones supported in the hack.

Q Can I test the hack?
A There are no free trial

Q Can I use the hack on more than one computer?
A No. This prevents leaking. When you first sign into the LOADER, it will take a record of your PC and store it. If you try to login to the Loader on another PC it will not let you.The changing of your IP will not affect this. It only stores information about your computers hardware, not your network details.
You will need to re-purchase the hack on another account in order to use it on another PC.

Q How long can I keep the cheats?
A Until your subscription ends. You must renew it after that to continue using the KOZOBT!!!!

Q What kind of technical support is there in case I have problems?
A You can get 99% of the answers here on the forum by just using the SEARCH feature, if you have a question then chances are it was already asked
If you absolutely can not find the answer, you are free to make a new thread in the PRIVATE section of the forum. Hack questions in the public section will not be answered and the thread will be removed.
If you still cannot get a solution to your problem, then come into the loader and ask one of our staff for help..
KOZMOK ONLY supports the latest and most current version of any game.

Q Well what if there is a game update?
A When there is a game update/patch the hack is usually updated in 24/48/72 hours depending on the day of the week the update was released and the complexity of the update. Hacks have been updated as fast as 1 hour after a game update. Some hacks are coded to automatically find the changes and need no updating.

Rentacheat alters no game code, makes no changes to any copywrited material. We simply read the memory of your compuer, and draw objects onto your screen based on what we read from memory.
Apr 22, 2011
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