• Are you a Kernel/Driver Programmer?
    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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Our Rules

Rentacheat Site Rules
We live by 13 simple rules:

1. No Linking or discussing other Hack Sites
2. No Sub Switching or Transfers (For example you buy a hack for BF2 and want to switch to BC2) I Dont care if your my best friend, it aint happening. Man up and stick to the sub you bought. I didn't force you to pick that subscription.
3. No Sub Sharing (Loader is locked to One PC - And one PC only!)
4. No Sub Pausing (Dont ask to pause while your on vacation)
5. Do not Try to Hack our Loader
6. No Spamming of any sort
(i.e. one or two word replies, etc..)
7. No Illegal content in any posts
8. No refunds unless hack doesnt work on your PC at all. Don't bother trying as I will say no - not matter who you are. My new system doesnt handle subscriptions well yet. Refunds will be be $.50 less to cover refund charges by paypal
9. No Attitudes/Drama
10. No Mentioning of other Hack sites, or Slamming them. We don't want any Site Wars.
11. Do not PM or Private Message KOZMOK directly. I am extremely Busy and I get about 20 PM's a day - I can't keep track of them! Please post your problem directly and one of my staff memebers will help you.
12. Do Not ask for a Hardware Reset in the chatbox! If you do, you will wait a day longer. The Shoutbox is not for tech support. We have 4 Very Active Staff members who can reset you when their available. Its not our fault you reloaded your system. And DONT Remind me to check support tickets for a reset
13. Do Not Have Multiple Accounts on here! We can detect when you do. The only time this is allowed is if you have two machines and buy two VIP's. Trying to hide your identity won't work here, we will find you and ban both accounts

If you break any of these rules, you could be banned and lose your VIP

If you dispute a paypal transaction, you will be banned. If you cancel a paypal Transaction, you will be banned.

If you need a refund, contact me directly and I will grant it or not.

UNDETECTED MEANS its currently undetected. It can be detected. I can not predict the future. I do know we have the best undetected rate of ANY SITE!

If you can't afford to lose your game key for cheating, don't cheat - its that simple. We do not give out new game keys if you/we are detected.

Please keep your profile sigs under control. No big ones! I hate reading a thread, on some jerk has a signature that takes up 1/3 of the page - when all they replied was "LOL.." . Its ridiculous!

Shoutbox - DO NOT POST DETECTION INFORMATION IN SHOUTBOX or ADMIN BANS! - Cuz if your wrong, you will get banned from Site/Hax.
If you post and admin ban, other VIP members will think its a Punkbuster BAN and freak out and send me 20 emails, and then post in the Public section hack is banned, costing me valuable new VIP's that wont sign up thinking its banned.

Do not post Support Stuff in the Shoutbox. If somethings not working just for you, you dont need to blast it to all my future customers. Chances are its your configuration of the Hack that is preventing it from working correctly. If you do this, and go on and on about it, you will be banned from just the shoutbox. Don't worry it doesnt really mean anything, just that I can't trust you to follow the rules. You can appeal this after 1 week.

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    Mar 24, 2011
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