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    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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First Time Online Game Hacking

Here is some information on how and why we hack online games
Welcome to Hacking Online Games 101

Why do we hack games? It is that old mysterious response "Because we can!"
Let us get something out of the way right now. We don’t hack Console Games, Consoles pretty much lock us out, and don’t allow us to inject code into the consoles memory to allow our functions to run. So let us stop talking about that. So if you came here looking for XBOX/Playstation Hacks you came to wrong site – and personally I don’t think they exist (you might be able to edit saved game data).

There are lots of Hackers in most online games. If you ever experienced getting owned by players who seem to kill you with 1 shot to the head every time, they are usually hacking! Or they always seem to know where your hiding and shoot at you instantly when coming through a door!

So why do we sell Game Hacks?
Most good games have Anti-Cheat detection, so in order to hack the game we need to avoid the anti-cheats, or you are just wasting your game as they will ban you from online matches. So not only do I have to know how to avoid these detections, I have to know how to read your computer’s memory for player data and display it without getting a screenshot from the Anticheat.
AntiCheats stream their signature scans, so they are ALWAYS changing, and trying to catch you from cheating. Game Client Updates happen regularly (Patches), that usually makes the hack obsolete until it is update again to match the Patch. Some are big, and require hours of coding, and some are not, and require little or no updating.

If you searched google for “free Hacks” and found one that doesn’t steal all your paypal money, or credit card information - do not use them on PunkBuster Enabled Servers, you will get banned. People download these and submit them to the anti-cheat companies, so they now have that same hack file, and will very soon ban all players that use it. By the time you get around to finding it and using it, it is already in their signature scan, and will ban you faster than you can say “FTW YOU FRACKING NOOBS”

What You Get from Us
You will get a honest cheating site! I know it sounds redonkulous, but I have some Morals! We want your cheating experience to be a good one from HackersAdvantage.com

1) If you can not get the hack to work, you get a refund (must be within 3 days after purchase)
2) If the hack you purchased is down for more then 1 day in your VIP month you purchased, I will credit your account back that x days.

AVOID FAIRFIGHT BANS Read Here: http://www.hackersadvantage.com/forums/pages/FairFight/
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    Jul 10, 2014
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