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40 Day`s with BF3 Full Hack

Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by G1ZM0, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. G1ZM0


    My 40 Day`s with the BF3 Full Hack and the RAC Community.

    How it Begun:

    After almost 600 hours of Fair Play in BF3, i decided to get me a good working Hack for that Game.
    so i researched some Hacks on Google, and found my Way to "Rentacheat".
    The Homepage Design already hit my Taste.

    so i was Reading the Functions, Rules, etc and seen that RAC got the "Highest Undetected Rate" of All availible Hacks for BF3.
    The Hack Functions were Already too much for my Taste, i wanted
    "No-Recoil only". but after a while i Decided to get the BF3 Full hack, and BAMM i loved it !

    The First Time using Kozmoks hack:

    The First steps to get the Hack running, were a bit Struggling.but after asking for Help, i Recived it.
    i followed a few steps and the Hack worked like a Charm. No Big Deal at all !

    now after 40 Day`s with the RAC Hack and the Community of RAC, i can Definatly say im Pretty Damn Happy with what i found here.

    The Hack:

    why am i so happy with Kozmoks Hack ?

    1.The Hack doesn`t Lag the Gameplay
    2.The Functions of the Hack are working Great
    3.Clean Pbss, and Clean video.
    4. 12,50$ for a BF3 full hack- (find a better/similiar hack for that money...you will never find that)
    5.The Visualls of the Hack are not Overloaded.it`s made simple and uber easy to use.
    6.No Trolling BS that no one really needs, it`s fairly the BEST under the Radar Hack Ever.
    7.Aimbot Adjustable to any Playstyle (takes a while and can be a bit stressing but hey, you decide how u wanna play the Aimbot !)

    The Community of Rentacheat:

    I came here as Newbie and already felt Welcome.
    the Members and Staff of RAC are Kind and pretty Friendly, even if those ppl are Strangers, they made me Feel Welcome and were like a New Family right after i Joined the Community.
    This site, is not filled with kiddo`s that spam the forums or users with trolling BS.
    Read the Rules (there are just a few Simple ones) and follow them.and you will have a fucking good Time here.were people laugh with you, or think with you when you need Help.

    I´m a happy and Proud Member of the Rentacheat community.
    I`m pretty Damn happy with the Hack i got here.
    I´m not going to try any other Hack sites or Hacks ever, i don`t think i can find any better then this Epic Community&hack !

    Thanks for reading!
    and Greets to All Staff and Members of RAC !

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  2. unkota

    unkota KOZBOT GOD

    You can post your review on hackreviews forums.
  3. G1ZM0


    erm, that is the Review section.
    this Review site is full of reviews like this.so.............. :confused:

    besides that i included the Forums, the homepage, the members etc. so i don`t know why you have a Problem with my Post M8 :)
    Jaidee likes this.
  4. Jaidee

    Jaidee HAcker Staff Member

    gizmo...you can please some of the people some of the time...but you can't please all of the people all of the time :)
    and yes...i agree...this is exactly where you should post it...and if it wasn't WGAFFA! :D
    Jaidee2 and G1ZM0 like this.

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