• Are you a Kernel/Driver Programmer?
    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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Almost Free Games!!!! (Battlefield 1, Battlefield V, Anthem, etc)


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Why don't you guys spend $16.50 a month to EA Premier Access and when you get detected, cancel the subscription from paypal etc and make a new account?

Its cheaper then buying a $60 game 2-3 times.

Just Saying, its a great deal, take advantage of it!

Koz Out
I'll give that a try. I normally just by a used BF1 4 etc.. off eBay for like under 10 bucks. I like buying someone else's act that has a rank and has played legit. For the most part, they have been acts in good standings with EA. What I have found out if you buy an act that has rank it takes FF much longer to ban you then starting with a fresh act. I started with a BF4 used account that had a 32 rank. I am at 68 now and have all the hacks turned on. Esp, Aimbot, no spread etc.. I don't rage except on rare occasions when the game is within a few points of my side winning. I stay low key, for the most part, avg like 22 and 12. I also play all the classes and vehicles so as not to burn the cheat out on one class like snipping etc.. I just switched to your hack from another site I won't mention and have to say yours is the best I have ever used. I'll do a write up on your BF4 hack soon. Your hack is da bomb. Easier and even cheaper than the other. It also has much more options. The RPG hack rules! I went from shooting down one asshole helo especially the little birds form maybe one a game to 4 or more with your hack! The vehicle hack with the right settings in the tank with esp destroys other vehicles. I can hit them 80% of the time with just a small portion of them showing. And whenever I get a chance to be the gunner in the Apache etc.. you can literally destroy everything in your path. It would be great to team up with a great helo pilot fellow hacker. The only thing I can't use the hack correctly for is for the jet. I suck as a pilot so that is the biggest hurdle. Well, I went on more then the original thread was intended for and will do a proper write-up in the correct thread.
You can buy an account for around 25€ nowadays, a legit key I mean.
Took them 3 1/2 months to catch me, so that was a good deal.
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