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Anyone replaced a iphone 4 screen?

Hi all,

my first attempt at fixing my iphone 4 screen. Everything was going well until i had to put the motherboard back in and noticed that the the skinnier of the 2 digitizer cables isnt going to reach its plug.. Its seems to be far to short..

I had bent it slightly so i think that is now taking the slack? The tiniest of bends :( I compared it to my broken LCD and the cables appear to be the same size and yet when I put the new digitzer back in i still get the same problem.

Any help/pointers we be appreciated - do you think I've F-bombed my new digitzer ? Will yanking it a bit harder to try and pull it through possibly-more than likely damage it?
I worked out where i was going wrong :/ I used a little glue to stick the ear piece mesh back on and somehow got some on the lcd cable which ended up sticking to the board! Gave it a good yank - It didn't really damage it but i was concerned!
All back together and working perfect for 2 days now (phew!)
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