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Anyone using Discord?


Ghost in the Shell
I was just wondering how many of the regulars use Discord, as it's the new TS.

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Ghost in the Shell
I realize that @Jaidee but Skype is soo clunky and I could look up your IP while connected to you and then DDoS your bf4 sessions...so it's garbage for large scale communication. Discord is free and you can have multiple servers without ever paying a dime.

We use Skype at my work, the Business version, and it still sucks, and we are just talking to people down the road at a different building.

I respect your decision though, as your wife's family back home, probably use Skype as well?


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I am just teasing....I only use skype as you say because its easy for wifey to contact family via mobile or landline and its clear as a bell for both of us...she loves it...I use it only for myself and little nephew while playing BF4...we sit at computers next to each other on opposites of the loungeroom so no problems there :) nobody DDoS'n me...have never had this problem before and I would guess not like to in the future either :D so all in all...yes...all is good with skype here in this household :D


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Take it from someone who worked for the parent company of Skype, they suck! Privacy..hah! There's a good joke.
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