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Arma2 / Dayz Class

Discussion in 'Hack Coding Section' started by dokdobler, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. dokdobler

    dokdobler NOOBLET

    It's really silent here :D So i start...

    I developed an Arma2/DayZ Mod Hack for myself.
    Keep in mind, I'm not the best coder, I'm still learning ;-) and maybe some names are confusing ;)

    class Transform;
    class TransDataTable;
    class TransData;
    class BaseWorld;
    class World;
    class EntityLink;
    class ArmaObject;
    class coords;
    class CfgVehicle;
    class ArmaString;
    class DamageArray;
    class Reticles;
    class ObjectTableInfo;
    class ObjectTable;
    class Weapon;
    class ItemTableMaster;
    class ItemTableSlave;
    class WeaponInfo;
    class WeaponData;
    class Bulletdata;
    class BaseWorld
        World* World; //0x0000
    char _0x0004[60];
    class World
    char _0x0000[8];
        Reticles* Reticles; //0x0008
    char _0x000C[1520];
        ObjectTableInfo* ObjectTable; //0x05FC
    char _0x0600[640];
        ItemTableMaster* ItemTableMaster1; //0x0880
    char _0x0884[672];
        ItemTableMaster* ItemTableMaster2; //0x0B24
    char _0x0B28[2176];
        EntityLink* CameraOn; //0x13A8
    char _0x13AC[148];
    class EntityLink
    char _0x0000[4];
        ArmaObject* Entity; //0x0004
    char _0x0008[56];
    class ArmaObject
    char _0x0000[24];
        coords* coords; //0x0018
    char _0x001C[32];
        CfgVehicle* CfgVehicle; //0x003C
    char _0x0040[128];
        DamageArray* Damage; //0x00C0
        __int32 DmgTableSize; //0x00C4
    char _0x00C8[324];
        BYTE isDead; //0x020C
    char _0x020D[1159];
        Weapon* WeaponTable; //0x0694
        __int32 WeaponTableSize1; //0x0698
        __int32 WeaponTableSize2; //0x069C
    char _0x06A0[64];
        __int32 WeaponID; //0x06E0
    char _0x06E4[996];
        __int32 playerID; //0x0AC8
    char _0x0ACC[20];
        float fPitch6; //0x0AE0
    char _0x0AE4[48];
        float fPitch5; //0x0B14
        float fPitch4; //0x0B18
    char _0x0B1C[24];
        float fPitch3; //0x0B34
        float fPitch2; //0x0B38
        float fPitch1; //0x0B3C
        float unknPitch; //0x0B40
    char _0x0B44[4];
        float Zoom; //0x0B48
    char _0x0B4C[244];
        float fBreath; //0x0C40
        float fFatigue; //0x0C44
        float fMaxBreath; //0x0C48
    char _0x0C4C[24];
        float fBreathx; //0x0C64
        float fBreathy; //0x0C68
    char _0x0C6C[240];
    class coords
    char _0x0000[4];
        float reticlecoordz1; //0x0004
    char _0x0008[4];
        float reticlecoordx1; //0x000C
    char _0x0010[12];
        float reticlecoordx2; //0x001C
    char _0x0020[4];
        float reticlecoordz2; //0x0024
        Vec3 coordinates; //0x0028
    char _0x0034[72];
        float reticlecoordz3; //0x007C
    char _0x0080[4];
        float reticlecoordx3; //0x0084
    char _0x0088[12];
        float reticlecoordx4; //0x0094
    char _0x0098[4];
        float reticlecoordz4; //0x009C
    char _0x00A0[108];
        Vec3 coord2; //0x010C
        Vec3 body; //0x0118
    char _0x0124[280];
    class CfgVehicle
    char _0x0000[48];
        ArmaString* TypeName; //0x0030
    char _0x0034[56];
        ArmaString* ObjectName; //0x006C
    char _0x0070[1424];
        float fuelCap; //0x0600
    char _0x0604[60];
    class ArmaString
        __int32 reference; //0x0000
        __int32 length; //0x0004
        char strName[25]; //0x0008
    char _0x0021[55];
    class DamageArray
        float head; //0x0000
        float body; //0x0004
        float arms; //0x0008
        float legs; //0x000C
    char _0x0010[48];
    class Reticles
    char _0x0000[48];
        float fAimDistance; //0x0030
    char _0x0034[12];
    class ObjectTableInfo
        ObjectTable* ObjectPtr; //0x0000
        __int32 TableSize; //0x0004
    class ObjectTable
        EntityLink* EntityLink; //0x0000
    char _0x0004[48];
    class Weapon
    char _0x0000[4];
        WeaponInfo* _WeaponInfo; //0x0004
    char _0x0008[56];
    class ItemTableMaster
    char _0x0000[8];
        ItemTableSlave* ItemTable1; //0x0008
    char _0x000C[164];
        ItemTableSlave* ItemTable2; //0x00B0
    char _0x00B4[164];
        ItemTableSlave* ItemTable3; //0x0158
    char _0x015C[164];
        ItemTableSlave* ItemTable4; //0x0200
    char _0x0204[636];
    class ItemTableSlave
    char _0x0000[64];
    class WeaponInfo
    char _0x0000[8];
        WeaponData* _WeaponData; //0x0008
    char _0x000C[52];
    class WeaponData
    char _0x0000[52];
        float Bulletspeed; //0x0034
    char _0x0038[456];
        Bulletdata* _Bulletdata; //0x0200
    char _0x0204[3128];
    class Bulletdata
    char _0x0000[320];
        float Bulletdmg; //0x0140
        float exploddmg; //0x0144
        float explodrange; //0x0148
    char _0x014C[76];
        float Bulletrange; //0x0198
    char _0x019C[676];
    There is everything in it to create and ESP, Aimbot or (i prefer :D) change Bullets which explodes on hit :-P


    Don't ask me to release my Hack. I definitly won't do that and I think mods won't approve that ;)

    I'm sorry, if this is against the rules.

    ninjasnip3r, liyanxi and KozmoK like this.
  2. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    Good Job - is this Game DX11?
  3. dokdobler

    dokdobler NOOBLET

    Thank you =)

    No Dx9
  4. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    I don't touch Dx9's anymore... I only work on dx11 since BF3
  5. a377721407

    a377721407 NOOB

    how to find the main dress???
  6. a377721407

    a377721407 NOOB

    how to get the memory adress|??

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