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Battlefield 3 583k points in one round (308:2)

Discussion in 'Screen Shots' started by Denis Nayland, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Denis Nayland

    Denis Nayland NOOBLET

    Well, it was on our Clanserver and I basically just raped my fellow clan members, but if you let the Nemesis points stack you get insane amounts of points. When we finished the round I got about 2500 points per kill due to the nemesis stack.

    avatariosagain and avatarios like this.
  2. avatarios

    avatarios RAC MARAUDAR

    ...Seems legit.. :p
    clarrie likes this.
  3. Denis Nayland

    Denis Nayland NOOBLET

    Well I need the unlocks back after the last ban, this is the fastest way. Or is it? If someone knows a faster way, tell me :D
  4. avatariosagain

    avatariosagain RAC MARAUDAR

    ...Buy Ultimate Shortcats Pack for only...30 euros..! :p
  5. Arnold


    Hmm, seems like a plan...

    5 people in a server, just select auto-deploy and voila! perhaps this would be a good thing to try out? any one interested?
  6. ninjasnip3r

    ninjasnip3r RAC MARAUDAR

    Be careful not to get too many points in one round... I've had one account banned for extreme stat padding. There is another method, but it requires you own your own 64 man server.
  7. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    Don't you think this will cause problems if your on some server, an admin gets suspicious of your game play, looks you up and sees some crazy stats under your name?!?
  8. gadick

    gadick NOOBLET

    be careful, you can get manual ban from EA... first they reset your account, and if you have an obvious stats after the reset they will ban you
    i know this because they ban manually my rage account...
  9. Dscheksn

    Dscheksn NOOB

    What about rage account? U buy BF3 twice? Or is there an easy way to have 2 accounts...
    I looked up my stats on cheaterradar bf3 and i tried to bring them down by playin legit for some time.
    Weapon DPS on a weapon of 95% cheater probability ^^ have no clue how to bring this down yet haha.
  10. gadick

    gadick NOOBLET

    yep, you can buy with another account direct from the origin or buy a cd key from reseller sites where you will receive the keys and you will create a second account and register the cd key.
    but be carefull, the server's admin with access to PBBans can trace your accounts with your IP, and if you have a static IP can ban your IP from the server, so it's recomended you have two ip's, one for the cheat and one for legit account, you can do this with a VPN
    Dscheksn likes this.
  11. G1ZM0


    inb4 statsreset/ban :D
    kidding, but be carefull once someone notice this and report you guys, you get a stats reset.
    and at the 2nd time after reset u get caughed by doing this, you will lose your acc.
  12. gadick

    gadick NOOBLET

    yes, there four types of ban:
    Manual: The EA ban you for the obvious stats of cheat
    PunkBuster: The cheat gets detected and you receive a ban
    Dirty SS: the Screenshot taken from the Punkbuster makes the cheat visible
    Server: you get banned from the server/servers by admins or respect's admins (from pbbans, they can ban you from all server where have Pbbans stream) or sites like metabans where ban you from servers who use it.

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