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Battlefield 3 ESP Only Hack

Discussion in 'Our Game Pluggins' started by KozmoK, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    ESP Only Hack
    I re-wrote this code from scratch a month ago (7/5/2013) I have been playing with this hack for the last month and we now have a great base to start off with. It has limited features, but as time goes by I will release updates every 2 weeks that I have tested with my own core group of testers.

    Distance Tags
    Health Bars
    Skeleton ESP (Draws Bones for Players)
    Grenade ESP
    Supply Box ESP (Supply Crates)
    Explosive Pack ESP
    Fade ESP (ESP in far distance is not as bright)
    3D Player Boxes (Green when Visible to you)
    3D Vehicle Boxes (Green when Visible to you)
    2D Radar (with vehicle, and visible notifications)
    Enemy Proximity Warnings when they are close by
    Custome Cross-Hair
    Clean PunkBuster Screenshots
    No Video Capture possible of Game Hack (Non recordable)

    I know this is a limited feature hack, with no menu, no aimbot, no weapon modification - thats why its going to be selling for only $6.50 per month!

    There are in game toggles to toggle off ESP Options - and there is an External Menu Program that you can use and set options/colors of ESP in real time! Custom Colors (Every color there is!)

    Once This new framework has proven itself, I will modify it for Aimbot, menu, and other goodies!
    I Understand that these options are not toggleable on and off yet, so I wont be able to make everyone happy. I am releasing this so we have something to start with, and within a few days, or weeks we will be back up to speed with the Full BF3 ESP Only hack that we have all known and loved that stayed undetected for 9 months!

    PC Only - Windows 7 and Windows 8 (x86 and x64 compatible)

    BF3ESP1.png BF3ESP2.png BF3ESP3.png


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