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Battlefield 3 Interview from dice quote this be aware of this Kozmok

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by wowfun2, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. wowfun2

    wowfun2 VIP BOP2 VIP

    Patch please, to many aimbotters today!

    A patch wouldn't remove aimbots or hacks. Punkbuster is disabled during the Open BETA but we are monitoring what hacks are being used. - Dice.

    I Just wanna warn you thats all. :)
  2. CHBeer


    liking your system you have me on your rams I never had my 920 over 4.2 but i have you on card 580GTX water cooled + CPU and north and south birgde this picture show my card as a 295gtx but upgraded


    and there is couple of hack sites that have something cause I know some1 that have it but its only bounding box and there another site that as a aimbot
  3. virusdead

    virusdead RAC MARAUDAR

    thank you for the info :)
  4. karma3

    karma3 Guest

    Its not going to stop me....
  5. gunblaze

    gunblaze NOOBLET

    You know there is a RAT tool that comes with using origin?...they can monitor installed/uninstalled programs,mouse clicks and websites visited and pretty much anyhting else on your comp. There is a sanboxie thing that can help limit Origins access to your comp but am not sure how well it can keep it contained....even the BF3 exe has trojan like features. They will not only ban GUID/IP but also Mac addy as well...just something else to think about.
  6. Wasaaye

    Wasaaye RAC MASTER

    @gunblaze..i think its illegal that someone could install RAT on your system without telling you ..If DICE has RAT in their games..they have to tell everyone who uses their product...otherwise it could cost alot of money suing their asses.
  7. Strife

    Strife Guest

    He's actually not to far off from the truth. Origin does install spy related software on your system, and if you read their EULA, they can read whatever information they want to about your computer. Installed software, running process, etc. I would doubt that they use it for reasons associated to key logging and stealing sensitive information, but I wouldn't put it past them if they started becoming interested in what you're running on your computer along with their Origin software.
  8. 1234w00t

    1234w00t RAC MARAUDAR

    gunblaze likes this.
  9. gunblaze

    gunblaze NOOBLET

    Like strife says when you agree to the EULA, you agree to all the content within, so the can randomly access your comp whilst origin is running and snoop around quite a bit. Not to steal personal info or anything but pretty much everything else.

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