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Question Battlefield One Hack Features


i'm interested in the Battlefield One Hack.
does all currently listed features work?
most important to me would be spectator warning.
no recoil, no spread, no sway work too?
does i need to install Java again?

i must say i was very happy with the bf4 simpleaim. i was 'legit cheating' my account from lvl 50 - 140 and never got caught and unlocked everything. lol :) now i'm bored with bf4.
stats were perfectly legit. probably because i only used esp, radar, wallhack visible only and no recoil, no spread, no sway.


Staff member
yes, to everything.

if you went from lvl 50-140 playing legit, and you start using an aimbot (even just ESP again), you might get caught by fairfight.
One of the things that FairFight bans on is dramatic increases in your stats... things like:
- Score per Minute (SPM)
- Kill Death Ratio (KDR)
- Damage Per Shot (DPS)
- Kills per Minute (KPM)
- Accuracy (Of your Weapon)
- Ranges on kills (Distance)

read about fairfight here: http://www.hackersadvantage.com/forums/pages/FairFight/
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