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Battlefield PLAY4FREE By (KozmoK)

Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by Grant, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Grant

    Grant Guest

    Well Yet another Quality hack Works pefect no issues what so ever Loads up perfect no crashed this is Worth the price for one month only $7.50 You can not beat That I recommend this to anybody if you are looking at this review It's a must bye.

    Here's the Features for Battlefield PLAY4FREE Hack.

    *SPHERE ESP* FIRST EVER!!! See grenades and their blast area easily!!!
    •Nametags - Displays Enemy Nametags
    •Friendly Tags - Displays Friendly Nametags
    •Health Bars - Show Players Health
    •Custom Xhair - Displays a Crosshair in the center of the Screen to help you with aim
    •Stats Info - Shows various Info in Top of Screen
    •Skeleton ESP - Shows Players Skeleton
    •Box ESP - Shows Boxes around players
    •2D RADAR - Shows 2D Radar
    •Max ESP Distance (0-2000) - Maximum Distance to show player information
    •Enemy Close Warning Distance (0-30) - Set Distance for Warning
    •Enemy Can see you % warning
    •Player Chams
    •Tank Chams
    •Chams Visible
    •Chams Not Visible
    •Aimbot on/off
    •Hit Box 3 hit spots (Helmet,Neck,Spine,)
    •TriggerBot - Auto Shoot players when on Xhair
    •Knife Bot - Auto Melee , whips out your knife and stabs your enemy
    •Visible Only - Aim at Visible players only
    •Lock on Target - Holding the Aim Key will lock onto target
    •Aim FOV (0-350) - Won't aim at Enemys outsite Field of View
    •Aim Prediction Adjustment (0.0-2.0) - Adds a lead to the target
    •No Spread - Corrects the Bullet Spread game applies so each bullet hits on target.
    •Remove Sky
    •Remove GameTags
    •Quake Sounds (kill sounds)
    •Save Settings
    •PB secure
    •PB Sshots Clean
    •Fade ESP
    •Fade Distance
    It's Fantastic To everybody who does not have it get it now, So Go and purchase why you can, The supports great and The admins are all Friendly.

    Support if you have any problems = 10/10 Great Job KozmoK keep up the good work, Looking forward to BF3 I'm here to stay.

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