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Battlefield simple aim (Left mouse button request)

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Sorenelise, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Sorenelise

    Sorenelise NOOBLET

    so i have tried to play with the simple aim bot request however the aim buttons are uncomfortable would it be possible to add the left mouse button aimbot key. That is what i use on the BF3 full hack with only esp.

    Thanks in advance
  2. roflclown

    roflclown NOOBLET

    I was thinking about buying this hack but unfortunately it's pretty much useless to me since I'm left-handed and therefore I'm playing with the arrow keys/numpad.
    If you could add a numpad key or something like "end" or "page down" for the bot, it would be awesome and I'm sure more lefties would buy this hack ;)
  3. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    roflclown: Buy the BF3 Full hack - you can assign whatever key you want.

    Sorenlise: sorry thats not an option
  4. roflclown

    roflclown NOOBLET

    I will later on today, KozmoK ;)
    It would be nice though if you could give us lefties the ability to use this hack as well.
  5. kangkurnitz

    kangkurnitz NOOBLET

    hi guys...

    im also left-handed, and i use the button "V" for aiming.. here is my controls:

    forward = U
    backward = J
    left strafe = H
    right strafe = K
    sprint/hold breathe = L
    reload = Y
    pistol = I
    knife = G
    throw grenade = F
    weapon light/laser = T
    prone = B
    crouch = N
    enter/use = P
    weapon cycle = R
    spotting enemy = O
    fire = left mouse button
    scope/spotting = right mouse button

    primary weapon = mouse scroll down
    select grenade = mouse scroll up

    then make 1-0 key bind in reverse

    other buttons like chat visibility and map size i put on numpad..

    so i can play with aim key "V"


  6. Dark_Rose

    Dark_Rose RAC MARAUDAR

    I'm right handed and I still use the arrow keys + numpad.

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