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Best Tv series to watch right now

like right now im watching ..falling skies..Terra nova..Bluse bloods--a gifted man..anyone else can recomend these kind of alien and cop series


Breaking Bad is an amazing tv show..and it has a lot of action and shows the other side of the traditional cop series


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My favorite series right now is Breaking Bad. What a freaking awesome show. Dexter comes in a close second for me. They both have a similar feel. Walter is less purely psychotic than Dexter, but has much more he has to lie about.


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Walking Dead/Breaking Bad/True Blood/Sparticus

I hate waiting 6-12 month between series on these!


Walking dead, Prison Break and Dexter. Watching them right now, although I've seen Prison Break once and Walkind dead is now on break. Yeah, but great series all of them
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