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Info Bf1 Ever Been Detected ??

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Rjp101, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Rjp101

    Rjp101 NOOB

    as title says , has bf1 ever been detected? obviously other than users playing crazy and getting caught by stats
  2. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    The hack itself, has never been detected
  3. tudensky

    tudensky VIP Battlefield One

    I will also add that right now the cheat itself simply cannot be detected, since the game doesn't have any anti-cheat, that could target hacks themselves.
  4. RunsWithToast

    RunsWithToast KOZBOT AVENGER

    Thats true, its the features of the Hack that are important
  5. Dueldog

    Dueldog BAD ASS MOFO VIP Ultimate Hax

    KOZ did a great job with this. the only way you will get caught is making impossible shots often. Shooting at someone hidden behind cover while locked on with an aimbot will raise FF suspicion. FF seems really sensitive to changes anyway, I read that it will even check if you start playing alot more and ranking up fast. No matter if your stats are actually negative. FF is in a state of constant information gathering. It looks at things that only hackers could do. That is my understanding anyway, but i see people being very very obvious sometimes. I believe if you get banned, its something you made obvious. Just remember, FF is always watching and learning. Play Smart
    Smockled likes this.
  6. tudensky

    tudensky VIP Battlefield One

    FF doesn't only look at the way you shoot, but the way you move as well. I believe that is what got me the one week suspension, because I have quite a lot of experience with hacking in many, many games, but this is the one I got caught.

    I NEVER track anyone behind walls, I NEVER wait until an enemy pops out from cover, but I quite a lot just ran past choke points and houses, that are usually full of enemies, but I obviously knew they were safe.

    You absolutely have to be careful with everything you do in the game.

    As far as the hack and its features go - it's truly amazing. I love KozmoK and his work, no homo :D
    Dueldog likes this.

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