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BF3 ban Question

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by skrelet, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. skrelet

    skrelet RAC MASTER

    As i know this bf3 hack has never been detected, ever. Which is a GOOD thing. I have tryed SO many other hacks, everyone out there, But not this one.


    1. Undetected by PB as i know, but is it also undetected at others like GGC-stream / evenbalance / PB (i think all those are PB though)

    2. Have there been ANY post here concerning PB/GGC-Stream Bans accept report bans, which is kinda obvious if you rage hack all the time.


    This is all the hacks ive tryed, and there have been MAJOR bans from this sites. Therefor i am looking for whats mentioned in this site "never detected". Is there any proof of the "never detected"?

    I´ve heard many sites saying "a hack is never 100% safe, with all hacks there is always a risk of getting banned". But there must be a way to never be banned though which i hope this site have.

    Kind Regards!
  2. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    All hacks have a chance of being detected as you said but we have not. We are still 100% undetected. Not sure how anyone could prove that fact unless you join. Once you join you could do a search on the VIP forums and see that there have been no complaints of being banned.

    Answers to #1 - yes, undetected Also, Koz is working on making the hack undetectable in league play. ie.ESL and ESL-Wire (not sure of the specifics on those as I don't do any league stuff but I'm sure others can comment)
    #2 - People have been caught but that's what happens when you rage. Just have to remember everything is good with moderation. :D

    I could pretty much guarantee you will be happy with your purchase here. Plus, its only $12 so you don't have much to lose even if you don't like it.
  3. skrelet

    skrelet RAC MASTER

    Ya ofc hacking is always a chance :) but i always play legit, never rage. So i think i´m pretty safe though. Can koz see if the hack is detected if it goes detected? So i don´t go out in war with a detected hack, many sites forget that and says "undetected" when its detected, and change it to detected the day after, which at that time its already to late lol.

    #1. Yes i heard something about that with league, really nice! Although i never play leagues, with my friends only lol, but you never know if i join a clan. The reason i use hacks is because i learn how to play the game that way, where people have there secret routs, places to snipe, etc. Every game i used hack for some time, and then stopped when i feel that i know all the places people use to go. And memorize it. If you know that, you can pretty much flank every enemy.

    #2. Ya thats why i never rage, and i think its also boring to rage hack. I wanna be out there fire my gun if you know what i mean.

    I couldn't find any utube video using the "you dont see me hack option" you know any? I wanna see how it looks like. Its really nice when making montage and stuff.

    Thanks for your replay mate!
  4. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    And to just clarify.

    GGC-Stream, MetaBans, and PBBans, are only streaming services. The only thing they do is share ban lists, and do manual bans. They do not detect hacks. Punkbuster is what does the hack detection.

    For example, if you are on a GGC server, and you have a punkbuster screenshot with ESP and the admin sees it. That server admin can ban you from that server ONLY. Then that admin can go to GGC's website and submit your screenshot to GGC Admins, and after review, you will be banned from ALL servers running GGC. The same applies with MetaBans and PBBans. The only thing they do is share manual ban lists, there are no detection.

    If your hack is detected by punkbuster, and you join a GGC/MetaBans/PBBans server, their script will automatically record the kick/ban also and add you to their ban list.

    Another thing that PBBans.com do is account linking. All the punkbuster GUIDS/Names/IP Addresses of a player can be linked together.

    btw, i think GGC also allows admins to submit youtube videos of hackers.
  5. skrelet

    skrelet RAC MASTER

    Thanks mate! that was a real good answer i was looking for. Cuz i got one account (got 2 ) which are banned using another sites hack, but i still have some servers i can join like 10 favorites or so, so this clarifies my question about that. And because this is a good anti pb screenshot hack i guess i´m pretty much safe regarding GGC stream and whatnot. (if i wanna play with my other account, which is not banned, cant play with my friends with the other account that are banned lol)

    really? youtube ban too, i didn't kno, good thing i used to hide the name then. You got any youtube video of the hack using "hiding from fraps" though? Must be some one that uses a legit aimbot settings with ESP (but in this case hidden as mentioned) I can't find any. Wanna see how my montages would look like :)

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