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BF3 Pre-order question

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by greatHAXOR, May 12, 2012.

  1. greatHAXOR


    Good day.Can someone answer at my question?
    1.Can i turn off ALL ESP and use only AIM?
    2.Exist autoknife option?(stabbed when enemy near with me,in description write knife bot,but i dont know what is it)
    3.settings like autoaim angle,speed autoaim,near target to crosshair?
    4.what about my files on my PC,its confidential?
    5.can aim lock on vehicles?-wana destroy heli with RPGs like pro.
    6.if turn off all radar and other screen things, exist some sound alarm when enemy too close(prevent stabbing me when radar off)?
    7.vehicle aimbot works with tank\lav\heli co-pilot?
    8.exist TV missile bot?
    9.i am from russia(yes,yes,famous russian cheater :) )-can i buy your cheat?(some cheat provider prohibit sell cheats to russian).
  2. carlsson1994

    carlsson1994 EVIL KOZBOT VANQUISER

    1.Yes you can
    2. Yes it does exists
    3.Yes you can change your FOV (field of view)
    4.What do you mean?
    5.Yes it does work you can choose to aim at centre or the pilot.
    6.It will show a ESP if a enemey is close,
    8.Not sure,
  3. greatHAXOR


    4. i mean:exist reg files (that can be traced)? program doesn't increase a risk of getting a virus?
    6.i mean,when ESP totally off exist some sound alarm(wana play with clean screen)?
  4. carlsson1994

    carlsson1994 EVIL KOZBOT VANQUISER

  5. greatHAXOR


    6.for me enough information that i see on the screen by default,sometimes too.(I see a skull on the map see who killed who, so I can locate anyone want to stabe. in closecombat does not matter the name, the health of those who for me is only important aim)
    9.no,i mean buy for myself.why i ask-want buy some cheat(I will not call it)-but admin\coder say-no sell for russian
  6. bob alyafeai

    bob alyafeai Guest

    how and where can i download the hack? pls help
  7. sanliam

    sanliam Guest

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