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Black Ops II Hack Question

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Antarus, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Antarus

    Antarus NOOBLET

    Hello guys! I have a question. I want to get here hack .How now works hack? Your opinion is necessary! Someone received Ban, using only ESP?

    (sry my english i from ukraine) :)
  2. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    The hack has never been detected, so don't worry about that. You just have to play smart because its other people reporting your game play that will get you banned.
  3. TapeGun007

    TapeGun007 LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    Antarus, the ONLY hack that is NOT detected by either VAC or TAC is Kozmok's. I belong to about 10-15 hack sites, and trust me.... they are all lying to their customers about the detections.

    If you are following people through walls, if your statistics are ridiculously high, you wall people, or use aimbot, there is a good chance you will receive a manual TAC ban. I have been banned using 4 CD keys, but I was using aimbot, and had a k/d ratio of 2.5 along with a 200+ score per minute on S&D. If you get enough people reporting you in the game, I believe they manually take a look at your stats, and possibly videos of your best games to determine if you were hacking.

    So, remember, the hack is NOT detected, but it is still possible to get banned based upon your game play.

    I have not been banned on my new account yet. I keep a k/d ratio of 1.6, I never use aimbot. I generally don't turn the boxes on. I usually either only play with radar on, or I may turn on nametags from time to time. This forces me to play more legit looking.
  4. Antarus

    Antarus NOOBLET

    This is good! Thanks Tape :)

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