• Are you a Kernel/Driver Programmer?
    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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[BOUNTY]Destiny 2

I honestly don’t get what all the scare is about. It’s bungie crap anti cheat, not actual blizzard warden ...it’s a bungie game, another activision company. It’s not “Blizzard”. People hack activision COD etc... but won’t touch Destiny 2?!!
@Jaidee Yes i’d Pay @KozmoK for a private simple Aimbot not publicized. There’s other private memory hacks out there that are extremely hard to find. I was destroyed by a 100% memory hack the other day in crucible, dude was destroying everyone ...it was super awesome and funny.

Savage af lol


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Chinese hacks...

Hope you don't have any personally identifiable info on your PC blaze.


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on a pretty big destiny boosting forum, someone posted a $1,000 bounty for a non auto hotkey aimbot, lol
(just did a boosting service through them)


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The Destiny Engine I have never hacked, it would take too many hours to hack this game for the amount or subs.

It takes like 40+ hours on a engine that I know for a polished hack. I can't imaging how long for one I know nothing about, and nothings been posted on it on any of the development cheating sites. Let me keep looking.
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