• Are you a Kernel/Driver Programmer?
    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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i would be interested in having a CS:GO Hack. Its not necessary to have Wallhack or ESP but very important to have a well working Aimbot with Aimangle. The Aimkey should be adjustable =) Would be very glad to be able to buy this here. Greets


Staff member
sorry...unfortunately it will never happen...been asked before
and the answer is always no...you should try some COD? :)
Thats sad. I am only second semester of my study and it will take me some time to be able to do this by my own but np. BF4 is fun as well. Are you allowed to say why it will never happen? Anticheat too strong in CS? and no thanks no COD for me ^^ ahh never say no, maybe at some point i will take a look into it.


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if I could guess why it will never happen....
I would say because our fearless leader prefers COD and BF games
lets leave it at that shall we lol :D
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