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Cult Classic 'deadly Premonition' Gets Deluxe Ps3 Box Set


Timothy J. Seppala


Deadly Premonition might not be a "good" game, technically speaking, but it's wormed its way into the hearts of a very passionate cult following. With that in mind, this seemingly years-late collector's edition of eccentric Japanese developer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro for the PlayStation 3 (fits with the game's weirdness, right?) is packed to the gills with goodies for the fans. Custom deck of playing cards? Check. A 30-page hardcover art book? Present and accounted for. There's a soundtrack packed into the pretty swanky collector's box, the game's director's cut and a download code for additional content so you can while away a few more hours with special agent York in this very Twin Peaks Pacific Northwest, too. Perhaps best of all? The Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut - Classified Edition will only run you $50 and it releases November 24th.

VIA: Wario64 (Twitter)


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Sony PlayStation 3 (late 2012)

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  • Game format Optical disc, Downloadable
  • Online features Multiplayer, Voice chat, Video chat, Store, Browser
  • Drive capacity 250 GB
  • Controller type Wired, Wireless
  • Motion controls Accelerometer, Gyroscopic
  • Video outputs HDMI (v1.3), RCA / composite
  • Released 2012-09-25
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8.9average user rating

  • Game library 9.4
  • Graphics 9.3
  • Controller(s) 8.7
  • Design and form factor 8.7
  • Other features (media, online, etc.) 8.3
  • Noise 8.4

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