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    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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Destiny 2 Standard Edition FREE


Ghost in the Shell
Good Morning Hackers,

Not sure about the quality of this game, but until November 18th, everyone who has a Battle.net account can get Destiny 2 for free.

Also, for those wondering, Blizzard is only handling distribution. Anti-cheat systems are solely controlled by Activision/Bungie. So there is no Warden/Lawsuits, unless, Activision or Bungie decide on it.

It's a FREE game none the less. This is the Standard version, NO DLC.

Have Fun.


I played it last year....all of my friends quit and I did too.
The company doing it are lying asshole sob's, that is why sooooo many people quit


Staff member
the free game is just for base game, doesnt include the 3 expansions, i quit after expansion 1, expansion 3 is a huge update, i like competitive pvp on it.
next expansion is coming out in a few weeks.

as far as hacks, you will have to take a look at 3rd party/google for it. Its a blizzard/battleeye game, there some out there for sure

right now, im grinding for the best pvp hand cannon, it can 2-3shot anyone, its a huge grind... because of it, there was a huge spike in botters, who wanted this gun also.
part of the quest, you have to get 100s of headshots with a hand cannon


Ghost in the Shell
It's not a Blizzard game. I wasn't aware that it used Battleye. Activision only uses Battle.net for distribution. I don't think that the single player is monitored, much like The Division. Most likely, if you hack in PVP is were most get caught, specifically because of manual reporting more than anything.

Blizzard is also distributing Black OPs 4, but that is definitely not a Blizzard game.

Anyway, If I do manage to get the expansions, then I will hit you up in game @Smockled.


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ohhh, i was kind of thinking since it was on blizzard, it was using battleye

i saw some boosting sites, where people were using even auto hotkey, llol


Ghost in the Shell
I completely understand that.

It is also using some sort of weird P2P connection for pvp. Most of the single player stuff is actually client sided, except for the loot and the Events in the different zones. So I'd imagine it would be just like The Division if a plugin were to be developed. Getting that plugin injected and not pre-blocked would be another thing altogether.

Now that it's free for a limited time. I would say that the player base is going to get a little boost at least. I know it's not that bad of a game, you just actually need people who want to play to play with.
Im not gonna lie I really wish their was an actual memory coded aimbot/esp. I would actually PAY lots of money for the dev of this project but it doesn't seem that anyone out there has enough interest in the game even though it wouldn't even be that hard since it doesn't have much of an anticheat like compared to games with BE or EAC


Ghost in the Shell
I think that everyone just assumed that it was a Blizzard game and immediately got scared off. It plays just like The Division, though not as good, but still has a fairly high player base and decent PVE and PVP.
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