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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Review | Gamespew


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Kim at GameSpew writes: 'Oh, fantastic. I love a good dungeon crawler. All those enemies to kill, rewarding me with **** loot and experience wait, what? Gauntlet: Slayer Edition has no experience nor character levelling and no loot whatsoever? What kind of sick joke is this? That was my initial reaction to loading up Gauntlet, which immediately presents itself to you as an obvious Diablo-esque dungeon-crawling RPG. That is, if Diablo had all of its much-loved core mechanisms ripped right out of it. No character upgrades? No gaining experience or levels? No loot? I managed to put my disappointment at the dissipated prospect of finding **** weapons and becoming a badass level 70 to the side though, and once I did, I realised Gauntlet has a lot to offer in its own right.'

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