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General game suggestion

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by darkrounge, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. darkrounge

    darkrounge Guest

    Will we be seeing the new: Blacklight retribution hack on the market?

    It's gameplay video can be seen:

    It's a great game and I think if you made it we'd get out moneys worth out of it.
  2. darkrounge

    darkrounge Guest

  3. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    wow, looks nice...

    how many people play?
  4. darkrounge

    darkrounge Guest

    Quite a few people play it, some big hack sites have also produced a hack for it.

    This game is amazing and really fun and it's worth downloading + trying.
    It's also brand new, still in development, some features are closed (Ranking boards etc..) but that's because it's in open beta.
  5. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    ah, its only beta? so its not really free to play, hheheh
  6. darkrounge

    darkrounge Guest

    No it's F2P, I didn't say it was pay2play.
    When you google it:

    "Blacklight Retribution - Free to Play First Person Shooter"

    It's a perfectworld game, all their games are free to play, besides, on the games website it says; A free to play shooter.

    Personally, graphics wise, it's a lot better modern warfare 3 (When graphics are at high) and it's got amazing features.

    Decoy (Pretend there's another you, so they scout for that one)
    Hardsuit (LIke a mechwarrior, really fun, hard to take down unless they've got a bazooka)

    and a lot more that I haven't unlocked.
  7. Strife

    Strife Guest

    I made a hack for this game, but never released it because I felt like the beta was lacking in players. Since release, has the level of activity been steady?
  8. darkrounge

    darkrounge Guest

    Depends really, say you live in Europe (As I currently do) it's fairly active, most servers are quite active and you're guaranteed to get a full game.
    I've seen up to 16-19 full games (all server are hosted by perfect world at the moment, until they decide to go public-ranked.)

    But yeah, I'd say it's active and worth developing a hack.
    I'd say US server would be a little more active then EU.

    It's worth investing your time into.
  9. Natasmai

    Natasmai RAC MARAUDAR

    I've been playing it the past couple of days and I have found it not all that easy to distinguish the players, the colored light dots on the uniforms blend into the back-ground grahics and then your dead, if it becomes available I would purchase the hack for this game.

    Strife will you be releasing for this game - hope so :)

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