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How To Make A Halloween Cemetery Fence


Hacker Cracker
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OK - you have invested a lot of money into your graveyard props. How do you stop people from going off the path and looking at them close up, or possibly getting hurt from them (or hurting the props!)
I looked online and couldn't find any decent enough that looked realistic. The ones from spirit and other online re-sellers are flimsy and will break easily.

I found many people on youtube with instructions on how to make these. I decided to do my own! Total cost per 5" section is about $20 including paint.

Fist get some 1/2 PVC pipe or Conduit.

Cut the PVC to your size. I decided to make mine a low fence, not too high.

So for one 5' section I cut these:

Four 2 Foot 6"
Four 2 Foot

For the Fence tops I used: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221565371806?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT

(excuse my garage, its messy)

You need 3 sections of thin 1.5" wide molding (I bought the pre-primed version) 64" long.
you may want to go thicker, this is pretty flimsy but when its all together it seems strong.


Do yourself a favor, sand the pvc pip before fitting it all together! I used wetsand paper 120grit and lightly sanded it so paint will stick.

You will want to lay everything out and space it out and mark where your going to drill through the wood.
I will post the measurements later.

I also decided to cut 3" (I think its 3" anyways) pvc pipe and use it as a decorative insert. I show two of them here, but I only ended up using 1 in the center. I used two to space things out.


I used liquidnails (well something similar) to glue everything together. Be as messy as you want, as you want this to look old and rustic. put liquid nail glue all around where the pipe meets the wood. when it dry's it looks like welding, so it doesent matter if it gets messy.

Pre-drilling very small hols and pushing a brad nail also helps hold things in place. I did this on the ends so they wouldn't shift around while gluing

You need a heat gun to heat the pvc pipe ends to put the finials on.


You will need 1 can of flat black spray paint if your good, maybe more!

Finished Product:


you can get some small rebar sections and hammer them into the yard, and slip them into inside of the bottom of the pvc. I will also attach the next section with a bolt on all 3 pieces of wood.

Now to make 4-5 more sections FML
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Come to Australia and show us how its done Koz :)

If you timed it right you could even come here and enjoy the kiddy show
then fly back home and be in time to play silly buggers there too lol :D
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