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Icymi: User-generated Golf Ads, Motocross Bionics And Machine Gun Traps


Andrew Tarantola


Today on In Case You Missed It, Volkswagen releases a new commercial for its Golf R that changes depending on what sound effects the viewer makes. We also take a look at a bionic knee from "Monster" Mike Schultz designed for Moto-crossing lower-leg amputees. The Mythbusters find out if Walter White's machine gun trap could actually work (hint: omfg, does it ever) and a Parakeet learns to speak droid because Star Wars just won't go away.

If you come across any interesting videos, we'd love to see them. Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag @engadget or @mskerryd. And if you just want to heap praise on your handsome guest host, feel free to hit him up @mr_trout.

Tags: bionics breakingbad golf icymi incaseyoumissedit itsatrap knee m60 machinegun motocross mythbusters traps volkswagen

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