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[IDEA] Master Package

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Cookie Monster, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster RAC MASTER

    Hey Guys!

    Ive been on alot of other cheat sites in the past, But I like switching between games I Hack on, It may be nice if you added a Master Package which included all current hacks at a slightly discounted price?

    E.g. At the moment every cheat costs $108 Individually

    Make it at a 10% Discount? $97.20 (or $97 to round it up)

    Or Do Bundle Packages, e.g.
    All Battlefield Cheats normally (Including MOH) cost $56.50, Bundle price examples 10% = $50.85, 20% = $45.20, Or 25% = $42.37

    All Call of Duty Cheats normally cost $44, Bundle Price Examples: 10% = $39.60, 20% = $35.20 Or 25% = $33

    Just a small Suggestion, Some people may like this idea, others might not.
    yugurt and clarrie like this.
  2. Mr.Bingles

    Mr.Bingles NOOB

    Well if they are an addition to the current offers, I have nothing against it, might be worth for some ppl. However, if packages would replace the offers we can choose from right now like they did it on other hacksites, I wouldn't resub anymore because I am only interested in the BF3 hack and wouldn't be willing to pay for an entire bundle of which I'd be using only one hack.

    But like I said, if it's the first option, then I'd be all cool with it.
  3. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster RAC MASTER

    The Bundles wouldnt replace anything, it would just be another option to subscripers.
  4. Jed1M1ndTr1k

    Jed1M1ndTr1k KOZBOT GOD

    If you can get 50 members to like your idea or at lease reply with some sort of confirmation that they would sub on packs, koz might consider it lol.
  5. yugurt

    yugurt RAC MASTER

    im on this idea
  6. CHBeer


    If I rember right Koz had it at 1 time not sure why he took it off maybe cause nobody was getting it cause nobody have all the games
  7. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster RAC MASTER

    There will always be people who buy it, but it depends on the pricing

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