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If I only use ESP in BF4 are all the other hacks still loaded ?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by johnnyjohnson, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. johnnyjohnson

    johnnyjohnson NOOB

    I want to purchase the BF4 hack.
    I only want to use the ESP to locate enemies.
    Is there a way for only this hack to load and not the others ?
    Or do they all load but then I choose what i want ?

    Does activating only one hack (like ESP) decrease my chances of being caught because it's only running that code ?
    or is it running all the codes and only ESP is activated? and would that have any bearing on chances of being caught by PunkBuster.
    ( i know this is a lot of Q's but I had the RAC cheat for BF3 and lost an account so i'm just curious)
  2. Boss_A

    Boss_A Boss_ADVANTAGE H.A. LifeTime Friend Ultimate Hax

    Yeah sorry it doesn't work that way when you use a hack and only turn on a few options the code is still there so it's not going to lower your chances of getting hit by pb! We have been undetected since the game came out!
  3. johnnyjohnson

    johnnyjohnson NOOB

    Also another quick question since I have your attention.
    I remember when I had the RAC BF3 cheat i got banned on a day where i wasnt even running the hack.
    Supposedly the hack stays in your RAM or memory and Punkbuster just scans for it everytime.
    Or Punkbuster keeps a back-log and just perma-bans when enough code gets flagged.
    So even if you use a hack only once and don't get caught can they can back-log your usage and see if the code was used ?

    (just tell me what you know on this subject would be much appreciated. thanks)
  4. Boss_A

    Boss_A Boss_ADVANTAGE H.A. LifeTime Friend Ultimate Hax

    Well it's called delay bann witch means when PB catches a part of the code they will wait a week to two weeks so they can catch what they think is everyone using the hack then they bann people.
  5. johnnyjohnson

    johnnyjohnson NOOB

    so the code remnants don't stay on my hard drive or RAM when I am not using the hack .. right ?
    and basically just got busted and they just decided to wait.

    Is there anything I can do to circumvent them knowing .. (besides not using the hack) (ie. wiping cookings or RAM ?)
  6. Boss_A

    Boss_A Boss_ADVANTAGE H.A. LifeTime Friend Ultimate Hax

    Like if you going to start fresh then just do a reformat use a USB stick when you have the loader , plug it in start the hack and un plug it when it's loaded.
  7. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    No. If you use hack today - they may have already detected it but didnt ban anyone to let them know. They will keep detecting people to get a big list (thats why we call it a "ban wave"). Once they start banning, you don't know your banned because you havent tried to play. The next time you play (with or without hack) you will get the message you were banned.

    You will be stumped if you dont know how it works, because your like, WTF dude, I didnt even use a hack this time.
    Dark_Rose, johnnyjohnson and Boss_A like this.
  8. johnnyjohnson

    johnnyjohnson NOOB

    is the ban tied to your IP address at all or just your CD KEY ?..
    ... so i can use the same PC with just a new key just in case... right ?
  9. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    GUID/CD KEY. However its been known for some they can link via email, IP etc.

    So if you get banned try to change your IP Address - I do this by disconnecting my cable modem for 30-45 minutes then plug it back in.

    always use a new email address
    Dark_Rose and Colonel like this.
  10. Dark_Rose

    Dark_Rose RAC MARAUDAR

    You gotta be willing to accept the fact that you will be banned if you cheat. It's bound to happen. However, Koz has a great track record when it comes to detections, beating more expensive competing services. At least from my own experience.

    Get a new email, get a new Origin, change the id on your HDD, rollback or reinstall your OS, bribe your friend at EA to give you a new key... You know how it goes?

    This is the extreme. lol

    With BF3, I'd just make a new Origin and ask my friend at EA for a new game. Follow Koz's advice and change your IP. Those little rats will track it and put all of your personal info on some streaming site for others. It's really easy to change your IP. If you can't do it by power cycling your router/modem, call up your ISP and ask for a new one. Should only take a couple minutes. Simple.

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