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I'm confused

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by WhitePilgrim, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. WhitePilgrim

    WhitePilgrim NOOBLET


    I'm confused concerning your Battlefield 4 hack:
    I buy a cheat on other site and they say they have Heli/Jet aimbot. But when I purchase and try their cheat program the Heli/Jet Aimbot don't work.

    1-Have you really a Heli/Jet Aimbot?
    2-If you have really Heli/Jet Aimbot, do they work now (February 7, 2014)?
    3-If you have a Heli/Jet Aimbot and they work at 100% can we see a video for Heli Aimbot and another for Jet Aimbot?
    4-Can you write what work at 100% when we use your cheat program please?
    It's not clear for me to what work at 100% and what WILL work in future.


    HackersAdvantage Battlefield 4 Hack

    Hack Options
    Name Tag ESP
    Distance Tag ESP
    2D Box ESP
    3D Box ESP
    Health ESP
    Info ESP - Health Min/Max, Ammo - Weapon Max Distance
    Visibility Checks
    Skeleton ESP
    Snap Lines
    Vehicle 3D Boxes
    No Recoil - added 11/19/13
    No Spread - added 12/11/13
    No Sniper Sway - added 12/11/13
    Weapon ESP - added 12/11/13
    Auto Knife Bot - added 12/13/13
    Auto Shoot Bot - added 12/16/13
    BF4 SimpleAim 1-4-14 Options
    FOV - set your FOV small so your aimbot doesnt have to track across the screen
    Aim at Visible Only
    Aim Bone Selection (With Random AimBone)
    Smooth/Human Aim
    Prediction - Adjustable
    Jet and Helo Aimbot
    Vehicle Aim at Objects - Only aim at All Vehicles, Air Vehicles, or All Objects (Land Soldiers)
    Jet Aimbot can match locked objects speed so you don't pass them up!
    Jet Speed Hack! You Set the Speed, it Maintains it (Except when Locked, and Speed Matching)
    Vehicle Auto Eject - Ejects you 1 second before your jet explodes!
    Mounted Weapon Aimbot (Turret, TOW, 50 cal's on vehicles etc)
    Tank Aimbot
    LAV Aimbot
    AA Aimbot (Pantsir, CRAM,LAV-AD,Tunguska)
    Aim Force Adjustment - Adjust mouse sensitivity
    ShitList - Added 1-15-14
    Vehicle Type ESP - Added 1-15-14
    Spectator ESP - Know when someone is spectating you, and WHO!

    Clean PBSS!! Can't record with any Video Recorders except ShadowPlay! - Safe For CLAN play!
    Options Added Daily!

    Our BF4 Hack uses an external JAVA menu. You must configure the Hack before the first time you run it, or you will use the default settings. After the first time you set it, you can have the menu program open and make changes on the fly using the BF4 Hack :)

    To date, we have had no FairFight bans, or Punkbuster Bans.

    Price: $12.00 USD
    Hack Store - Battlefield 4 Cheat

    Battlefield 4 Hack (Has Never been Detected!)

    Well Rentacheat/HackersAdvantage gave in! I took the BF4 ESP Only hack and added a little more JUICE!
    We now feature a full set of Soldier/Vehicle Aiming!

    While the Vehicle Aiming is still under fine tuning (1/8/14) The Soldier Aimbot is completed. Check out all the Options we have for this SMALL PRICE of $12

    Name Tag ESP
    Distance Tag ESP
    2D Player Box ESP - Shows Vehicles, and Shows if Enemy is Visible to you or you to him!
    3D Player Box ESP
    Health ESP (Vehicles and Soldiers)
    Info ESP - Health Min/Max, Ammo
    Visibility Checks
    Proximity Warnings (Adjustable - Warns you of close enemies)
    Cross Hair
    Skeleton ESP
    Intelligent Snap Lines (When in Air Vehicles, it will only show objects you want!)
    Vehicle 3d Boxes
    Fade ESP - Adjustable
    No Recoil - added 11/19/13
    No Spread - added 12/11/13
    No Sniper Sway - added 12/11/13
    Weapon ESP - added 12/11/13
    Auto Knife Bot - added 12/13/13
    Trigger Bot - added 12/16/13
    Change Colors of all options - to ANY color.Added 1/8/2014
    Jet Speed Maintain - Set your jet Speed to a constant speed
    Vehicle Auto Eject
    Match Jet Speed - When Locked onto another Jet - Match his speed!
    Jet Aimbot - Lock onto enemy easily and shoot him down - great for dog fights
    Mouse Aim Force Adjustment - if its to shaky or Bobbing too much adjust this value
    Invert Hack Flight Controls for those that need Inverted flying
    Slow Aim - Humanized Aiming - FairFight Wont catch this!
    Random Bone Select - Chooses between 15 Random Bones when aiming
    Spectator ESP - Know who and when someone is spectating you!

    Clean PBSS!! Can't record with *MOST* Video Recorders! - Safe For CLAN play! (ShadowPlay records the hack)
    Options Added All the Time!

  2. Boss_A

    Boss_A Boss_ADVANTAGE H.A. LifeTime Friend Ultimate Hax

    Yes we have a working jet aimbot
    RAColonel and Starfyre like this.
  3. ronron091

    ronron091 NOOB

    what video recorder should we USE so the hack doesnt RECORD

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