• Are you a Kernel/Driver Programmer?
    I am looking for a System Driver that will inject my hacks into EAC Protected Games. If you know someone who has done this before please contact me.
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Hacker Cracker
Staff member
Hey lets all introduce ourselves!

I'm KozmoK the coder
Im from Arizona, and im OLD!

I have been into game hacking since 2006, I started coding game hacks in 2007. I have always been a coder so it was easy for me to pick up.

I have a day job that is 55 miles away that I drive to - it sucks because I have a truck
that gets 13 MPG. Not to mention traffic! I spend at least 2.2 hours a day driving.

I could have moved closer, but I decided to move even further away from the city. I guess
Im turning into the uni-bomber :)



hi guys!

i'm jed1m1ndtr1k but you can call me jeds or super sexy mod
im from philly and im not as old as koz :)

i have been gaming since 92 hacking since 06. i started hacking because i couldnt kill boss in mw2 :(
i have a day job unlike boss :p

welcome everyone to the new rentacheat.com we are here now and we're taking over your games with the killer kozbot.


Hi everyone and Welcome to the new Site..

Im your site Admin Boss_A, and the best CANADIAN around..
I'v been gaming since 90's and hacking since 07.

Again Welcomr to the Home Of The KoZbot..


Hey guys,

I'm starfyre and i'm not so old like them above :p.
I live in Germany and i didn't know why i started using Hacks in Games. It could be the fascination.
I played my first FPS ~ 2003. This was my big Unreal Tournament time hehe.

I'm currently in an apprenticeship as a electronics engineer in my first year.
This will be a awesome time here!


what sup guys,

My name is outerspace, if you wanna talk to me and hear my sexy voice come join us in teamspeak 3 lol im always on it talking to myself. I got a brother name jed1m1ndtr1k and he basically taught me everything about hacking games. yeah im still a noob ! hes basically the reason i meant all these cool people that is associated with this site, you know who you are.

Ive Been gaming since nintendo came out and got addicted to gaming since then !. The day i became a member of rentacheat.com was the same day i became deticated to them as a memeber. i loved the site and everyone that is involved in it. admins and staff are the best here, they will always try to help you no matter what the situation is and thats why im still around. I have a ps3 and i enjoy playing on that sometimes when im not gaming on pc yeah i liek to play legit at times lmao. i do have a day job 6 days a week, but i still manage to have tiime to check up on this everyday. i dont have tiime for bullshlt website with bullshlt members.!

" Kozbot is Taking over dont be scared join us "
hey guys im maddog aka maddog205 aka ohyeah205. @_@ im just a general member whos been around for a while. the games i recently play are league of legends, borderlands, tropico 3, saints row 2, runescape ( yeah i know but im helping my brother :p) and WoW(sometimes) if you want to have a game or have some sexy time just add my xfire (ohyeah205) or steam (vitjok860)

fly safe @_@
I'm ImJj the subscripter
I'm from my House, and I'm Gamer!

I have been joined old forum since 2011, I started subscribed rentalcheat since 2011.

No one cares , so I'd better not write more details about myself.

ImJj - :)

Copy Koz's Egg.


im solidriver as u can see. I am in my twenties and I live in Europe.
I am playing games since 98. Started playing innocent 2d games. HAck and slash games.
Since 2004 did i move to war type games. I started playing Americas Army then I moved to Combat Arms.
Ive been playing BF BC2 last year but it screwed up my computer specs. My comp is too old to play that game.
I have both a console and a laptop.
On my console I regularly play COD Black Ops and soccer games.

I came across Battlefield Play4free. I saw it was a mix of BF BC2 and BF2. It requires less of my computer and so far I was able to play it fine.
Ever since I started playing Americas Army, I used different type of hacks. I came across this site using google. I have to be honest, I never heard of this site because i was a hardcore user on a other forum that has a hack for this game. Unfortunetly they closed the option for paypal verified bank accounts, so I could no longer get their hack. Now I am here and I want to test the hack for a month. See if I like it and then hopefully I can become a regular user of this site.
Hello erbody!

I'm mastershane, or shane is fine.
I'm from Florida, and I remember my gaming "nerdness" started at the atari era when my grandfather handed me the first controller. Until then I haven't stopped! After the Nintendo GameCube, I decided to pick on computer gaming. I have never gone back to consoles ever since!

Hacking wise, I have only done it in singleplayer games, this is my first multiplayer hack, so you can say that KozmoK popped my cherry there... :p Currently majoring in computer science for gaming/CIA or wherever life decides to take me.


Hello everyone!!
Im wlpofnc , of course located in Carolina. A chef and a father of 2 evil but loveable children. Been gaming since the original nintendo came out. You gotta give it up for duck hunt cause that started my drive for FPS. I did switch to computer games back with Doom. Then back to console with PS2 And PS3. At the begining of this year i switched Back to PC Gaming and forgot how much fun it was..
Played around with a few hacks but this is my first serious contender and i will not go anywhere else.
OH, and Koz i feel you on the 13 mpg i got an suv so i know the pain.
Anyway that about sums me up for now.. Hope to meet y'all on the battlefields soon ....later on...W
Hello at all,

I am the NoChance and come from Berlin.
Gamble I act for a few years and of course Only fairly :), because in the true life I am the purest Evil.
I am very old already very much and my Job is Loadmaster Agent on the airport.
Will have a nice time with you.


Ps.: sorry with my poor English i'm a Kraut, lol


I am Danny
I am 30 yrs old
I am from arkansas
I am into gaming
I am addicted to wow,bf games
I am a Aquarius
I enjoy long walks on the beach
I am glad you read about me


I am RgR
i am 18
I'm in the Army National Guard for the state of South Carolina
Most of yawl will here me on teamspeak soon..i'm a bit country
i have a sexy southern drawl :)
i have known boss since 09
ive been at rentacheat since 09
i might be deploying to iraq or Saudi next year to serve my country

so i hope to see yawl around the site being active and having fun in the community

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