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Kraftwerk Takes Techno Pop Into The Third Dimension


Amber Bouman


Not to be undone by bands that release artwork via fax machine or by albums released in sheet music form, German electronic mainstay Kraftwerk's next record will be available in a 3D format. It's a fairly unusual approach to making music as you can't really hear 3D (unless you experience synesthesia). This latest collection of tracks will be released on Blu-ray in autumn. Ralf Hutter, the only remaining original member, told Rolling Stone that it will consist of 3D performances with surround sound.

Kling Klang, the bands' private studio, is working on converting archival footage into 3D and arranging the images to synch with the music. The footage is largely taken from tour dates earlier this year; specifically performances such as the MoMA in New York, the Opera House in Sydney and the Tate Modern in London. Hutter, who formed the band in 1968 with partner Florian Schneider, said the bands' signature minimalism "is really a multimedia concept. Not just music."

VIA: The Guardian

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

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