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Last detection full aimbot bf3 ?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by ShooterFPS, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. ShooterFPS

    ShooterFPS NOOBLET

    Hey, i'am new member !

    Last detection on bf3 please ?

    masskill in your hack ? (for level 100 :D)

  2. Khariz

    Khariz LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    Over 4 months ago on bf3 full. Bf3 ESP only has never been detected. Bf3 full is now using the same hooking method as bf3 ESP only (I think). So essentially the current bf3 full hack had never been detected.
  3. Moses8980

    Moses8980 KOZBOT AVENGER

    It must be more then 4 month now since the last detection.

    No Masskill or any other extrem obvious options in this hack. Also Masskill, Magicbullets etc. are fixed by dice since a few updates!
    But nothing at all the RAC BF3hack is awesome!!!
  4. corvey

    corvey NOOBLET

    LOL! What is this magicbullet you speak of?
  5. Moses8980

    Moses8980 KOZBOT AVENGER

    Masskill=You shot 1 Bullet and "all" player on this server die.(this function had certain requirements: like it must be a new round, only player die who are on the server when new round starts...bla bla)
    Magicbullet=You shot to the viewing direction of any soldier.. no matter if in jet or tank and he die.
  6. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    Magicbullet = SilentKill, which was in the old Kozbot.
  7. raxer10


    And i know that koz not put back masskill in the hack! This is a function you can be banned in a few rounds or in one round! The people here whant a safe hack and it is a realy safe hack at the moment! I would wish that koz put out "one shoot kill" the most people dont need it and this function is also easy to fraps und to report! And the best thing is people who use it are so stupid in the game when the others or a player ask the people with it they dont turn it off^^ But realy its the choice of you what you make and how fast you be banned ;)
    G1ZM0 and stronzo like this.
  8. SoloXL


    ^ Pretty much - masskill is pretty much asking for your account to be instantly banned.

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