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League Of Legends Hack

Discussion in 'Free Hacks' started by robinekstrom1, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. robinekstrom1

    robinekstrom1 NOOBLET

    hi man i wonder if you can make a league of legends RP HACK so can get every champion in the game

  2. sheepstick

    sheepstick NOOBLET

    RP hack isn't possible as well I know...
  3. johnsmith

    johnsmith NOOB

  4. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    Some Games are not worth hacking for me.

    The game has to have a HUGE following such as the COD series, and BF Series.
    KameSam and Dark_Rose like this.
  5. Gurpeer

    Gurpeer NOOBLET

    Have you heard of the game "Defiance" ? it's available on steam or you can check it out on the website.
  6. SmokyBot

    SmokyBot NOOBLET

    League has a huge playerbase but there is a good league hack already with tons of user-generated content which can't really be competed with.
  7. G1ZM0


    yeh well i must give smokyBot that one :)

    LoL (league of Legends) has a extreme high playerbase. it's even played competive and world-cup matches etc :)
    i think it's the top game next to WoW :D
    but i aint sure if its possible or worth to code a hack on it.

    besides that, i think mmorpg games are really harsh in their banning system.
    i think they hand out hardware bans.
  8. SmokyBot

    SmokyBot NOOBLET

    League isn't a MMORPG and does not hand out hardware bans either. I've only been banned once in a huge banwave and even then it was 1/3 of my accounts.
  9. Dark_Rose

    Dark_Rose RAC MARAUDAR

    hue hue hue Koz, you funny.


    You know the other guy is like:

  10. pdrss


    There is alot of Free Hacks, Scripts and shit at LoL, it just doesnt worth to waste time to code it.
    Many companies offers free hacks for it and they always keep their project updated.


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