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Lg Made A Solid, Roll-up Keyboard For Your Tablet Or Giant Smartphone


Mat Smith

To the untrained eye, LG's new Bluetooth keyboard looks like a (very long) mobile battery, but that's because it's all bundled up. Unfurl the Rolly and you'll get a "full-size" keyboard that automatically switches on and connects to your nearest (LG?) tablet. There's a stand built into the top of the device, which will hold tablets up to ten inches big. The keys are made of solid plastic (not the flat, squishy kind), which LG hopes will offer a typing experience close to what you're used to on your PC. The keyboard is just the start: the company says it plans to offer even more "input devices" in the next few months. The Rolly will launch this September in the US first, rolling out to the rest of the world soon after. (You're welcome.)


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