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Long time member, coming back to change...

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by SoloXL, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. SoloXL


    Hey Everyone,

    Some of you may know me, some of you won't. Koz, Jaidee, Smock- what's up?

    Took a looooooong gaming hiatus to focus on my family, and just returning to check on things. I noticed the website change, read about going private (or intended to; that happen?), and just wasn't sure if I would be coming back to the same people.

    How are things? Hope all is well.
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  2. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    Welcome Back!

    The only thing that changed is the Name (and I tried changing servers to Russian servers, but that was way too slow)

    Nothing else is going on other then Rocking BF4! Its a fun game, and fun to Hack!

    Still detection free!

  3. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    Welcome back Solo!

    Yup, BF4 is good to go :)
  4. Sawatdee

    Sawatdee RAC MENTOR

    Hey SoloXL...great to see you back my friend :)

    BF4 is friggin awesome with the Koz hack...hurry up and
    kill some of them damn terrorists with me! hahaha :D
  5. SoloXL


    Good to hear. Glad the crew is doing well, hack too.

    Koz, pm/email me (it won't let me PM you). I want to ask your opinion (If you don't mind) on something regarding my choices after this current semester of school. Currently taking Programming Fundamentals, Java and C#.
  6. Jaidee

    Jaidee HAcker Staff Member

    I had same problem myself...try deleting some of the messages in your inbox...i see its been reduced in size so that could be the reason
    why you can't message KozmoK....not sure....but educated guess :)
  7. RACtivision

    RACtivision KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    Nice sig... Need a HAckers Advantage one now... ;)
  8. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    if you want to work on making hacks, its C++

    Java/C# if you are looking at better options career wise
  9. SoloXL


    Aye - aware of the C++. It's reputation alone makes for an abundance of information on the web, much of which is CRAP. Being able to track down a reliable method of educating myself for the means of hacking, solely, is a harder task. No better direction to be given the information for that, than from a hacker (and a legend of one, at that) directly. Also, I am not looking to compete, rather code simple small things for myself, privately. I want to do it right, and good, and no one does it better than Koz ;) Which is why I inquired.


    Edit: And Koz, if you do read this, I'm not looking for anything more than a direction/advice. I want to learn on my own, no copy/paste BS coming from this guy. I'm serious enough that I took 3 programming courses in 1 semester.
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