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Need more conversations here


Jaidee's Evil American Clone
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It really sucks ass that I can disappear for three months, and come back to nothing happening here. I missed a website remodel (looks good), and literally nothing else.

Come on guys, let's talk about something, anything!

Okay, I'll go first.

I bought Bitcoin for the first time last month. Lost my ass on it, cause it the bubble popped literally the next day. Learned a new term, called 'FOMO'. Fear of missing out. Bingo, that's what happened to me. Then found a website called Davor, and dumped my Bitcoin into it. Now i'm making over 1% a day on my investment, A.K.A. gamble.

Anyone else doing anything in Crypto?


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hmm, ive been thinking of doing bitcoin mining.

2 years ago, some friends at my work place bought some miners to place in our office to mine coines. 2 years later, I wished I had joined them :(


Jaidee's Evil American Clone
H.A. LifeTime Friend
I had a x360 a few years back. Got a XIM 3 and fucking pwned kids w/ the mouse and kbd. So badly I got banned. But, at the time, I worked for MSFT and called up that division and got myself unbanned LOL.


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times are a changing...not using pc as much lately and only really browsing on mobile phone

not a gambler...choosing what to eat next is about as far as i go lol :D


I don't even have a PC anymore. I do most of my work from a laptop, (some CAD stuff and MasterCAM), along with school work. I do have an Xbox that the gf bought me for my bday, along with a XIM4. So easy to wreck kids with a mouse and aim assist. It's not the same though as using a PC and a great hack. But I hardly play that too nowadays. Between being kept busy and no actual games that grab my attention atm I haven't done much gaming for a while now. Looking forward to Insurgency 2 though. Hope everyone is doing great btw, been a while since I logged in here.
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