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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by keith sales, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. keith sales

    keith sales Guest

    I Play MW3 on the PC and the XBOX.

    Sometimes when im playing on the XBOX some people are doing awesome and cant be killed. Are these People Hacking or just alot better than me lol.

    Also does anyone no if you can hack xbox live and cheat online without being caught?
  2. Starfyre

    Starfyre KOZBOT GOD

    The lobby is hacked.
    We dont do Hacks for consoles.
  3. RGR


    MW3 Support is much better then all the other Shooter based games and 360 games they have precautions to keep cheaters banned faster then the older modded games

    not worth getting console banned
  4. keith sales

    keith sales Guest

    what do u mean the lobby is hacked?
    i know you dont do console hacks, just general chat
  5. morpheas

    morpheas NOOB

    People can modify lobbies on consoles to do different things.

    I've played on a server with 5x normal speed, 20% of the normal speed (horrible), one team was unkillable, immediately ranked everyone to 10th prestige...
  6. justi2307

    justi2307 Guest

    where can i get mw3 hack for 360

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