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Pillars Of Eternity: The White March - Part 1 Review | Gaming Nexus


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GN: Pillars of Eternity was praised by many as a much welcome return to the classic isometric role-playing games of years past. Following in classic role-playing game traditions, developer Obsidian Entertainment has created an expansion pack versus the modern day standard of small, downloadable content add-ons. The White March - Part 1 takes players on an adventure into frozen tundras and caverns in a quest to gain access to the famed Dwarven forge of Durgan's Battery. The expansion is unlocked for players that have reached the base game's act two and have gained access to their personal stronghold. Upon launching the expansion players receive a message from their stronghold steward that says she has received a message from the snow-covered village of Stalwart. The village's mayor begs the player to travel to the forge and unlock its access to allow for the surrounding area to prosper from its strong Durgan-forged steel.

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