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Pre-Purchase Question

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by pdrss, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. pdrss



    Well, ive been banned from Black OPS 2 Servers 4 times already, all that times ive been using just ESP, and i wasnt rageing, i wasnt being positive in any matches, i was always 10\15 - 17\22.
    On my 4th ban, i got banned just using crosshair, all that 4 bans wasnt from being detected from VAC, It was being detected by Treyach, all that bans was in less 45 mins..

    PS: I Was using Premium hacks, "TM..." paid arround 30 bucks monthly...
    All i want to know here if someone got banned yet ussing RentaCheat, cause if its safe for use, i want to buy it.

    All my bans was not for being reported, i didnt even rage in any rooms, i had negative KDR, like 0.52.
    No one cryies for me on rooms, and this didnt made treyach stop banning me.

    For some reason, they was detectng me, i want a safe hack for use, i'm already tired of wasting money on this shit of gamee to get ban in less 1 day.

    Again, does the RentaCheat is safe for use? cause if it is, i'll be buying it and i'll be only Using ESP, name tags and bones, nothing more...

    Also, i wanted to know if its possible to pay for the BO2 hacks on Google checkout...
    Waiting for staff reply...

  2. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    I use anti screenshot and anti video record (try it yourself, record your own hacks being used with fraps or other software, it wont show up).
    With that being said, we are undetected. However if you are reported at all, and are found tracing peoples movement behind a wall, or act like
    you have some unknown advantage they will treyarch ban you (no vac ban)

    Treyarch has a team that takes the reports, and watches demo's of your play. These demo's are not video recorded, but record all your movements, and everyone elses movements, and can replay at different angels.
    They will know your cheating if you trace or know where people are if you make it obvious.

    my hack also has a aimbot, but you of course will be banned if you use it.

    So its your choice. We have not been VAC banned here, a few have been banned for wall tracing/raging.

    If you use google checkout, just select the bf3 hack, and pay the $12.50, and I will add extra days to your months sub. I don't have time today to make a new option on there.

    After google checkout, you must email me at rac@rentacheat.com to tell me about your purchase.
    Google Check out is not instant, although the paypal one is!

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