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I recently got a refund because the loader was crashing on my graphics card as Koz stated.

I have other graphics cards I could use, is there some specific issue with my GTX 780 FTW
that's causing the crash? Is it just because it's older? Is there something wrong with it?
The loader worked fine with my GTX 950, I could go back to using that. I bought this card
on impulse. lol

I'd still like to be a customer, I appreciate any input.


Staff member
there are a lot of reasons why it could be crashing.
Fixes for some people might not work for you.

Its kind of hard to identify and track down what could've been causing your crashes.
The only sure bet is to do a complete reinstall of OS and try again :(
In my thread "Bug Report, Loader Crashing Upon Inject" Koz stated "It's crashing on your video card. I will refund you".

So I assumed he knew exactly what was causing the issue.

I just thought I could get a tish more info, hoping it may be easy as changing my card.


Staff member
i think in this case, it was because RoS is pretty much dead and no one is playing it.
Koz didnt post that it was crashing because of your video card.
I'll send u a private message on shoutbox of the post, since u no longer have vip access.
("Private Conversations" will be blinking on shoutbox)

Anyways, i dont think it has anything to do with your video card, more of a prerequisite/ C++ redistributable files issues
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