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Run "two" Steam Accounts at once

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by RACtivision, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. RACtivision

    RACtivision KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    What's up hackers?

    Now before I go on, don't flame my thread because people WILL WANT TO DO THIS!

    So here we go... Follow the steps just as I say & you will have NO problems...

    How to run 2 accounts at the same time...


    Step 1.
    Locate the directory where you installed steam in. It is usually:

    "C:\Program Files\Steam"


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam"

    Step 2.
    Make a New Folder in C:\ & label it:

    C:\Steam 2

    Copy Steam.exe & Steam.dll (DO NOT CUT! COPY!) & Paste both files into the "new" Steam 2 folder.

    Step 4:
    Open the "new" folder & Double click Steam.exe & the needed Steam files will download to this folder.
    Once you see the log in box, go ahead & log in. Once you are in Steam & can see your Friends list, LOG OFF.

    Step 5.
    Download this:


    Step 6.
    Run this & go:


    Step 7.
    Browse to your "new" Steam.exe (the one you copied into the Steam 2 folder)
    And now you will get another log in box. Log in here with one account & log into Steam your usual way too.

    Now you have TWO Steam Accounts open.

    Now remember, these are not tweaks from rentacheat.com, rentacheat.net, kozbot.com, or site site KozmoK is affiliated with.

    - luckeydogg
    stalker_uk and Marlon Padron like this.
  2. Marlon Padron

    Marlon Padron NOOB

    lol nice but why do you need 2 steam accounts at once ?
  3. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    I was just gonna ask that
  4. RACtivision

    RACtivision KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    Pretty much the same reason why people run two Yahoo Messengers or two Windows Live... I run two Steam Accounts because my old MW3 is banned & I dont want to add people to my new account. So if I see someone on, I will join there games... And not to mention, I did say that people would use this...
  5. wowfun2

    wowfun2 VIP Call of Duty 4 BOP2 VIP

    Isn't that bannable because Steam does not allow run more then 2 steam at once with same computer otherwise you can with different computer.
  6. RACtivision

    RACtivision KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    Show me where it says that...
  7. wowfun2

    wowfun2 VIP Call of Duty 4 BOP2 VIP

    Nevermind. I was wrong sorry lol.
  8. RACtivision

    RACtivision KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    Another reason for this is if you have more than one account after a ban. Like I have a ban on my MW3 old account & on that account I have like 10 games I still play. This way you dont have to log out & log back in. If you have friends on both accounts & see someone gaming on either, you can see it because you have both or more accounts open...
  9. Jannik

    Jannik NOOBLET

    Hey Mate. Thanks for posting this, but, will I still have my files? If I wanna play let's say Team fortress on the "new" steam, do I have the files or will I have to move the files to the directory and/or download?

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