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So.. The Beta Ends

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by G1ZM0, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. G1ZM0


    Whats your opinions on the Game so far ?


    hated ?


    Dissapointed ?

    did it run well for you ? or did you experienced some Bad issues with your Specs?
    woudld love to know how the Beta was for you guys !

    for me, it was fun. but the thing is i could play the Beta only on LOW :)
    had terrible framedrops and felt overall like my PC is way too Low end for this Game.
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  2. Gregito

    Gregito NOOB

    I loved it, I cant wait til the 29th when i get my key. Of coarse i wont be hacking on that acct. Not until i get another key atleast :p

    And i had framerate issues, Im hoping i dont have that with the full release. But other than that it was great honestly.

    The fps fix that i found seemed to improve it alot. (Went from 30 fps with constant drops, to 45- 50ish with ALOT less) Still had to play on Low settings though

    I dont have the best pc, but It was still very playable and alot of fun.
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  3. logi2000

    logi2000 Hmmm... return of the mack? Battlefield One

    Dam, completely missed the beta :( are there going to be any further 'tests' prior to release or was that it?

    The question i would ask , is it worth getting after experiencing the beta? I have seen the videos/ game play on youtube which looks a lot like bf3 to me ( no issue with that)...
  4. NSAOperative666


    Shame you missed the beta but sometimes the beta can actually put people off the main game unless you can look past the optimisation problems for many different systems.

    I would say if you like bf3 then you will probably enjoy this game.

    However It has a console port feel to it more than other BF games I seem to find, But with the new consoles having very similar architecture to PC's this might not be so bad.

    All in all I was impressed, But the game 100% improved in the fun factor when I injected some magic into it.

    Performance was not good but improved a bit with the beta drivers from NVidia but still had to play on low with i7 + GTX680 + 16GB.

    Looking forward to the full version.
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  5. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    I like BF4.

    They will figure out whats wrong and release a polished product, it might even take a few more over the first month after the game release.With the beta I was getting pauses all the time, then that was fixed after a few more updates.

    Let me tell you Hacking a x64 is way different!

    I am not sure I will even make a 32 bit (x86) version of the hack.
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