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Thanks for Kozmok

Discussion in 'Member Reviews' started by RyanLee, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. RyanLee

    RyanLee Guest

    First, I can’t speak English very well. So I worry about misunderstood.
    Nevertheless, The reason I am writing I do not want to let you repeat the mistakes that I made.

    I’ve bought 3 Hack for BF3. It’s “censored”, “censored”, “censored”.
    1.censored site 1
    - ********* is too involved to setup
    - It’s sometime work, sometime not work during game. When very importance time it’s not work, I’m going mad.
    - It’s always crash. I never play 20 min more. I try to solve this problem. I’ve read there forum. But Fail. It’s say to me “Never use for more than 20 min”. I regretted buy.:(

    2.censored site 2
    - So, I’ve trying new program, I was found censored. It’s many function and It’s look like easy. I buy it. I was gratified to use the program.
    - After 2 day, program working but setting interface not see in game. I go their forum, they knew this problem. All buyers have same problem.
    - They say “wait this weekend”, and that was nearly 2 weeks ago. I paid 1 month but 3 week pass.
    - Finally, I use it. I ban pb……….. so I’ve buy other BF3 key……………..I regretted buy.:(

    3.censored site 3
    - This program is nothing worth speaking of.
    - 2 hack program make me disappoint, so I’ve bought 1 day purchase.
    - But. It’s not working. When I visited forum, But there is never a justification for it.
    - So I’ve written my problem to e-mail. But no reply. 1 day ago. and next day. and next day. and next day……….. I regretted buy.:(

    Now, I use Rentacheat. I’m very satisfaction. Thanks for Kozmok and their crew.
    It’s all. It’s true. It’s non-fiction.

    Edit by Starfyre:
    I censored the site names because we dont want to talk bad about other sites.
    10. No Mentioning of other Hack sites, or Slamming them. We don't want any Site Wars.
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  2. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    Welcome to RAC!! You will find this is the best hack around!!! All the members are awesome and we all support each other (you never have to wait days for an answer to your problems, usually just a couple hours). Then to top it all off, one of the best coders in the business, Kozmok!!
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