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Trine 3 The Artifacts Of Power Review | Pressa2join


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Paul writes "The Trine series, in our day and age, is a bit of an outcast. Its odd breed of puzzle platformer with co-operative gameplay and specialized protagonists has always been a bit of a niche item, with the most prominent contemporary other example I can think of being the Lara Croft game series (attention: not Tomb Raider). Before these recent titles, there have been scant few notable examples apart from their progenitor: The Lost Vikings, developed by a little company named Silicon & Synapse. If youve never heard of them, thats because nowadays they go by the name Blizzard Entertainment. Frozenbytes Trine, however, sprang up seemingly out of nowhere back in 2009 and was closely followed by a sequel in 2011. For their third game, the developers aimed for something more ambitious and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is the result."

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