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Upping The Res, Dropping The U Zombi | Criticalindiegamer


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(CriticalIndieGamer)Before the WiiU launched, Zombiu was hotly tipped to be its first killer app, and whether you agree with that or not, it made a big impact upon its release. Critics and players alike were divided though, with many calling it ugly, slow and repetitive. Much noise was made around its novel use of the gamepad as a map and inventory screen, drawing your eyes away from any lurking zombies approaching on the TV. Yet, even the games harshest critics conceded that there was something special lurking beneath ZombiUs rotting facade. But what is ZombiU without Nintendos unconventional controller? Zombi, as it is now known, plays the same as before but it is, arguably, all the better for having dropped the U from its name.

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