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Vehicle aimbot?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by sanliam, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. sanliam

    sanliam Guest


    I wonder if anyone can show in video of the vehicle aimbot?
    Also what is knife bot?

  2. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    We have over 12 hacks available here, what hack?
  3. sanliam

    sanliam Guest

  4. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    I will have to have someone make one.

    Right now, the Aimbot works as Gunners - tank etc. Not as Pilots

    Although one out of 10 can't get it to work right.

    We have never been detected!
  5. sanliam

    sanliam Guest

    So in BF3, with this hack, I can jump into a heli on the side (with my own gun) and the aimbot would work?
    Also into a tank with gun on top (not cannon), the aimbot would work?

    Is jet aimbot impossible? would be sweet :).
    Also anti-air tank or stationary aimbot...

    Haha I'm asking too much.
  6. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    Yes in all cases above you are correct - however I have been on some helios as gunner (not my weapon, but the helos side mounted mini gun) and it works.

    Jet aimbot is possible - but I do not have that at this time. Before you ask in next post - I will look into it.
    AA guns work fine with aimbot.
  7. sanliam

    sanliam Guest

    Very nice!

    AA gun aimbot works? wow. How does it do that (since the distance is very far)...

    Thanks for answers by the way!
  8. jonh21

    jonh21 NOOB


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