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Volume Review: Stealth Distilled In Mike Bithell's Witty And Elegant Indie Gem | Ibtimes Uk


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If Volume makes one thing clear, it's that the career trajectory of developer Mike Bithell is one of the most interesting in video games. He made his name with unassuming but eminently charming indie platformer Thomas Was Alone in 2010, and has now followed up that success with his take on the stealth genre. First released as a Flash-based browser game, Thomas Was Alone arrived on PC in 2012, on PlayStation devices in 2013 and on phones, tablets and the current crop of consoles in 2014. It was a success well beyond Bithell's wildest expectations, but the allure of a sequel never tempted him. Instead, he sought to develop the game he'd always wanted to make, Volume his difficult second album.

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