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Website color

I've been searching around and I just can't find a way to change the background color from white to something darker. I recently just had lasik eye surgery and the brightness is overpowering. Is there a way to do that? Much appreciated. Sorry if this is the wrong section btw.


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There's only two styles right now, "Baisik" and "Default". Both are bright styles. Default is blue with white background. So, unfortunately, no, there are no dark styles at this time. Do you have any of those glasses that they give people after their eyes have been dilated, or some sunglasses? I'm not trying to be funny, just trying to help. It is indeed a bright site.


koz loves his members. to keep your eyes in great shape. he has added a new theme. much darker then usual. hope this theme suits you and ur seeing the site ok. no more overpower whiteness! lol.
thanks koz. your the best.lol.
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